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The HRIA Ham Radio Insurance Plan

The HRIA amateur radio equipment insurance plan, underwritten by the American National Fire Insurance Company® (A excellent by A.M. Best as of 12/31/11) is the economical, efficient way for you to protect your investment in commercially manufactured amateur radio equipment, computer equipment, software and even your antennas, rotors and towers. All of your ham equipment and more can be insured under one customized, well planned insurance policy. Even mechanical breakdown and electrical damage coverage is available through the HRIA  plan. READ MORE…

Coverage Highlights

  • Remarkably broad and complete coverage; very few things are not covered.
  • Replacement cost coverage Mechanical Breakdown & Electrical Damage Coverage available.
  • Coverage for Towers & Antennas is available.
  • Low deductibles: $50 for equipment coverage and $250 for towers and antennas.
  • Competitive Rates: Minimum annual premium of only $25 for $1,600 of equipment coverage.
  • Theft of equipment from your home or car is covered.
  • Automatic coverage for newly acquired equipment up to $1,000.
  • Fast claims service by experienced adjusters who understand amateur radio gear and related equipment.
  • EZ Application Form: If you need to insure less than $5000 of equipment there is no need to list serial numbers and purchase dates for each individual item.

About HRIA and “All Risk” Insurance

We started our company to offer insurance to hams who are not members of the ARRL and also to provide an alternative to what had been a virtual monopoly in the field. Since then, HRIA and the Great American Insurance Company have been successful partners in providing high-quality coverage equivalent to the products offered by the ARRL. For more company history, see our About Us page.

HRIA provides an “all-risk” amateur radio equipment insurance plan for:

  • Radio Equipment
  • Computer Equipment
  • Computer Media & Software
  • Antennas Rotors & Towers
  • Mechanical Breakdown
  • Electrical Damage Coverage

Policies are underwritten by the American National Fire Insurance Company, a member of the Great American Insurance Group. Licensing authority and product availability varies by state. The precise coverage afforded is subject to meeting underwriting guidelines and the terms, conditions and exclusions.

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