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Our businesses began in 1996 when Bill Hill, W3WH, realized that the only place to purchase amateur radio equipment insurance was through the ARRL. Bill consulted with his longtime associate in the insurance business Bill Gallina and together we formed Ham Radio Insurance Associates, Inc. (HRIA) The reason we started the company is to offer insurance to hams who are not members of the ARRL and also to provide an alternative to what had been a virtual monopoly in the field. Since then HR IA and the Great American Insurance Company have been successful partners in providing high-quality coverage equivalent to the products offered by the ARRL.

Between the two principals we have nearly a century of experience in the insurance field and now 18 years experience insuring amateur radio equipment. Bill Hill, W3WH has been licensed as a ham since 1956 and is a very active CW operator. His main interest is chasing DX having worked 346 countries at last count and also in participating in many contests. Bill Gallina has a degree in electrical engineering and has been the principal of his own insurance agency since 1979. In addition to providing most types of personal and commercial policies Bill’s agency (Gallina and Sons) specializes in customized insurance programs for condominium and homeowner associations.

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