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What coverage is provided in the HRIA Insurance Program?

Covers ham radios, accessories & related equipment including computers and component parts, cell phones, data processing equipment, data & media, etc. Coverage for towers, antennas & rotors can be added for an additional premium. Mechanical Breakdown and electrical damage coverage can also be added.

What makes the HRIA program different from other programs?

Our people make the difference. The typical homeowners claims adjuster may not have the technical background and expertise to understand Ham Radio Equipment. This could prove to be a problem when it comes to settling your claim. The HRIA program is “Insurance for Hams by Hams.” Our claims adjusters are licensed hams and will “Speak your language”.

When does coverage begin?

Coverage begins on the first day of the month after the date of your application.

Will I pay in advance or when the policy goes into effect?

Payment of your annual premium is due when you submit your application for coverage.

Who is the insurance company?

The HRIA Amateur Radio Equipment Insurance Plan is underwritten by the American National Fire Insurance Company® a subsidiary of the Great American Insurance Group (A Excellent by A. M. Best as of 12/31/11)

Must I list all of my Ham Radio Equipment?

Our equipment coverage is written on a blanket basis. For example … if your transceiver has a replacement cost of $1,200, your computer $600 and a power supply $200; the property limit shown on your policy will be $2,000. Our low rates and low deductibles, however, are based on the assumption that you will be insuring all of your ham radios and related equipment. If the blanket limit for all of your equipment (excluding towers, antennas & rotors) is less than $5,000 there is no need to schedule your equipment, simply select a blanket limit when you apply for coverage. If the total replacement cost of your equipment is greater than $5,000 or if you are insuring your towers, antennas & rotors we will ask you to give us a list of equipment.

Does my existing Home Owners Policy cover my radio equipment?

Your homeowners policy may not provide coverage for equipment installed in your auto, truck, boat, or mobile home. The HRIA program does, of course!

The HRIA program has a lower deductible . . . just $50. Even if your equipment is covered on a limited basis on your homeowners policy, the savings you receive between your homeowners deductible (usually $250, $500 or even $1,000) and the plan’s low deductible probably will more than pay for the cost of the HRIA policy.

The homeowners coverage that does apply to your radio and computer equipment is usually not “all risk” coverage. The typical homeowners policy insures your equipment against 17 specifically listed perils. If one of these perils destroys your equipment, there is coverage. On the other hand if something happens that is not on the list, there is no coverage. The HRIA policy has no lists at all. Your equipment is insured against “all risk” of direct physical loss, subject of course to a few exceptions. This even includes loss by theft, flood or earthquake.

Mechanical breakdown and electrical injury coverage is just not available from a homeowners policy. For a few extra dollars you can add this coverage to your HRIA policy. If your equipment simply stops working for some reason you have a covered claim. In other words . . . If you fry it, we’ll buy it! (Note: Damage sustained while the equipment is being tuned or actually being worked on is not covered).

How do I determine my Equipment’s Values?

You should insure your equipment for its full replacement cost.

What is Replacement Cost?

Replacement Cost is the current cost to repair or replace any lost or damaged equipment with new equipment of like kind and quality.

What are my payment options?

You may pay by Visa or Master Card or by check.

What if I buy new Equipment during the policy term?

You are automatically covered for newly acquired equipment during the policy term up to a value of $1000. Otherwise simply contact us with the information about your new equipment and we will adjust the coverage accordingly.

How do I report a claim?

To file a Property Loss Claim, you can either report your loss directly online or contact us via telephone (800-545-8881), fax (412-221-7035) or email (bill.gallina@hamradioinsurance.com). One of our experienced adjusters will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my coverage?

For questions about your coverage, please call the HRIA Insurance Program, at 800-545-8881 or email us at bill.hill@hamradioinsurance.com

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