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The HRIA amateur radio equipment insurance plan, underwritten by the American National Fire Insurance Company® (A excellent by A.M. Best as of 12/31/11) is the economical, efficient way for you to protect your investment in commercially manufactured amateur radio equipment, computer equipment, software and even your antennas, rotors and towers. All of your ham equipment and more can be insured under one customized, well planned insurance policy. Even mechanical breakdown and electrical damage coverage is available through the HRIA  plan.

Your homeowners policy may not be enough … Homeowners contents coverage is usually not “All-Risk”, replacement cost coverage. There is limited coverage at best for mobile equipment and inadequate coverage for antennas, rotors and towers can be a problem. Your homeowners policy usually has a higher deductible ($250, $500 or more) and Mechanical Breakdown Coverage just isn’t available.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE?  . . . The HRIA Amateur Radio Equipment Insurance Plan is available to all hams licensed by the FCC who reside in the United States. You do not have to be a member of any organization to qualify for this plan and there are no membership fees.

WHAT IS COVERED? . . . The HRIA Insurance Plan provides “All-Risk”, replacement cost protection for your home station and mobile equipment – including fire, lightning, theft, collision and other accidents and natural hazards. The program can also provide coverage for computer hardware and other related equipment. $1,000 of computer software coverage (including disks and tapes) is automatically included at no cost when we insure your computers. Higher limits of software coverage are available.

There are some coverage restrictions and the usual and customary exclusions such as loss or damage from wear and tear, war, dishonest acts and damage occasioned by repairing or tuning apply. See your policy for more details.

THERE’S MORE . . . This same type of “All-Risk” coverage can insure your antennas, rotors and towers too. Other specialty insurance programs for hams do not offer this type of coverage at all.

EVEN MECHANICAL BREAKDOWN COVERAGE . . . HRIA Amateur Radio Equipment Insurance Plan can even insure your equipment against loss from Mechanical Breakdown and Electrical Damage, including loss or damage from short circuit or blowout. For a small additional premium this coverage extension can be added to include your radios, computers and related electrical equipment. Antennas, rotors and towers are not eligible for this coverage extension.

LOW DEDUCTIBLES . . . The HRIA Plan’s basic deductible is just $50 for each claim. A $250 deductible per claim applies to any losses that are paid under the Mechanical Breakdown Coverage or for losses to Antennas, Rotors and Towers. Even if your equipment is covered on a limited basis under your homeowners policy, the savings you receive between your homeowners deductible and the Plan’s low deductible could more than pay for the cost of the HRIA policy.

LOW COST . . . Your annual premium is equal to 1.5% of the amount of insurance you purchase. For example, if the replacement cost of your equipment (excluding towers, antennas and rotors) is $2,000 your annual premium is only $30.00. For an additional 1/2 percent you can add mechanical breakdown and electrical damage coverage. If coverage for your antennas, rotors and towers is desired an additional premium of 3% is added for the replacement value of your antennas, rotors and towers. The minimum policy premium is $25.00.

HOW TO APPLY FOR COVERAGE . . . Fill out the online application or request an application via email.

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